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Proft Vineyards believes in only selling those items we would use ourselves.  The first years of harvest have moved from the modest buckets and carboys to new stainless steel variable capacity tanks.  The 2002-2005 vintages of the Proft Vineyards Shiraz using these tanks have proven them to be a joy to work with.  We think you will find these tanks an investment that will last generations.


We have some wonderful variable capacity tanks made from a more durable stainless steel than you find in the common inexpensive versions. Pictures are shown in the "New!" link on the left.  We are still working on the shipping outside a 100 mile radius of the vineyards, but within that radius, we will deliver for a very nominal fee.  If you are interested and live outside that range, drop me an email and we can work something out.



Bob Proft

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