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Here at Proft Vineyards, we are proud to carry some of the very finest equipment for home and small winemakers.  We have a few imported stainless steel variable capacity tanks direct from Italy.  We also can order  302 stainless tanks up to 700 liters along with the best presses,  crushers and destemmers.

In addition, here at Proft Vineyards we carry  most common home winemaking equipment like fermentation buckets, carboys, bottles, corks, testing equipment and chemicals at prices that are hard to beat.

If you are in the Temple, Belton, Gatesville area, Proft Vineyards can even deliver directly to your door.

Please feel free to contact us with comments or any special equipment you would like to see us carry.

Bob Proft

We would love to hear your comments or suggestions. 
Call Proft Vineyards at (254) 986-1682,
or email us at bob@proftvineyards.com !